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Best Political News Websites, Blogs and Online Resources in the US


Pew Research Center
Pew Research Center is a nonpartisan research organization that conducts data-driven social science research. They provide insights on topics such as politics, media, social trends, and global attitudes.
Politico is a prominent source for news and information related to politics and policy. With a focus on American politics, it offers in-depth analysis, breaking news, and commentary on political events and trends.
Brookings is a renowned think-tank offering research and analysis on global affairs and public policies.
MSNBC is a news platform providing breaking news, analysis, and commentaries with a lean toward progressive perspectives.
Breitbart is a conservative news and opinion website, covering topics like politics, entertainment, and technology.
Foreign Policy
Foreign Policy is a magazine and website focused on global affairs, current events, and domestic and international policy. It provides in-depth analysis, news, and reports on international relations and geopolitical trends.
Zero Hedge
Zero Hedge is a financial blog that offers news, analysis, and commentary on finance and economics. Its content often takes a contrarian view of financial markets and global events.
ProPublica is a nonprofit investigative journalism organization. They produce deep investigative stories to expose abuse of power and shed light on systemic issues.
Mother Jones
Mother Jones is a nonprofit news organization that specializes in investigative, political, and social justice reporting.
The Intercept
The Intercept is an investigative journalism platform that focuses on politics, national security, and more. It's known for its in-depth reports and commitment to holding the powerful accountable.
National Review
National Review is an American conservative editorial magazine that provides news, commentary, and opinion pieces on politics, culture, and current events. Founded by William F. Buckley Jr., it plays a significant role in conservative thought in the US.
The Nation
The Nation is a progressive magazine that covers politics, culture, and the arts. It offers in-depth analysis, news, and commentary on current events and issues.
Newsmax is a conservative multimedia news platform, offering news, opinion articles, and TV broadcasts. They cover U.S. politics, health, finance, and global events from a right-leaning perspective.
Council of Foreign Relations
The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is a non-profit think tank specializing in U.S. foreign policy and international affairs. They provide analysis, research, and resources on global issues and foreign relations.
C-SPAN provides unfiltered coverage of U.S. political events, including congressional sessions, hearings, and discussions. They aim to provide public access to the political process without editorializing content.
The New Republic
The New Republic is a media organization offering commentary on politics, culture, and the arts. With a progressive viewpoint, they offer analysis on various contemporary issues.
Daily Kos
Daily Kos is a progressive community and news platform, where users share blogs, insights, and opinions on U.S. politics and current events. They aim to foster activism and social justice initiatives.
Reason is a libertarian monthly magazine that covers news, politics, culture, and ideas from a free-market perspective. They offer commentary, analysis, and investigations promoting individual liberty and limited government.
The Week
The Week is a news magazine that curates and summarizes the week's most notable news stories from various sources. It provides readers with a concise overview of global events, politics, business, and more.
Daily Caller
The Daily Caller is a conservative news and opinion website that covers U.S. politics, entertainment, and current events. It was founded by journalist Tucker Carlson and offers daily updates on a range of topics.
PolitiFact is a fact-checking website that rates the accuracy of claims by elected officials and others.
Foreign Affairs
Foreign Affairs is a leading magazine and website focused on international relations, current events, and U.S. foreign policy. Published by the Council on Foreign Relations, it provides expert analysis and discussion from world-renowned contributors.
Center for American Progress
The Center for American Progress is a progressive public policy research and advocacy organization. It seeks to improve the lives of Americans through generating policy ideas, challenging government and media narratives, and shaping the national debate.
The Diplomat
The Diplomat is a current-affairs magazine focusing on the Asia-Pacific region. It provides analysis, commentary, and reports on political, security, and economic developments in Asia.
Ipsos is a global research company specializing in advertising, loyalty, marketing, media, and public affairs research. It offers insights derived from market research studies.
The Gateway Pundit
The Gateway Pundit is a conservative American news and opinion website. It is known for its provocative content and has been associated with various controversies.
Real Clear Politics
Real Clear Politics aggregates and analyzes political news and polling data. It offers commentary, news, and an average of various political polls.
Raw Story
Raw Story is a progressive news site that covers current events, politics, and culture. They focus on stories often ignored in mainstream news and provide a unique perspective.
Daily Wire
The Daily Wire is a U.S.-based conservative news and opinion website. It features articles, videos, and podcasts covering current events, politics, and culture.
Common Dreams
Common Dreams is a non-profit news service that publishes progressive views, news, and analysis. It focuses on issues like social justice, environment, and human rights.
The Blaze
The Blaze is a conservative news and entertainment network. It provides news, opinion pieces, and multimedia content focusing on American culture, politics, and current events.
AlterNet is a progressive news and opinion website that covers politics, civil rights, and social issues. They aim to challenge mainstream media narratives by offering alternative perspectives and stories.
ThinkProgress was a progressive news and opinion platform that covered issues like climate change, economy, health, justice, and politics. They aimed to provide rigorous reporting and analysis on topics of social importance.
Townhall is a conservative news and opinion website. It provides a platform for leading conservative voices to discuss current events, politics, and culture.
Media ITE
Media ITE is a news and opinion blog that covers politics and entertainment in the media industry. They provide updates and analysis on top media news stories.
Democracy Now!
Democracy Now! is an independent global news program hosted by journalists Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez. It covers international news, issues, and events with a focus on human rights and progressive perspectives.
Poynter is a global leader in journalism, offering news, training, and resources for journalists and media professionals. They are committed to fostering excellence in journalism and promoting a free press.
Open Democracy
Open Democracy is a global media platform that offers news and analysis on democracy, human rights, and justice. They champion the voices of those who often go unheard, emphasizing transparency and accountability.
National Interest
The National Interest is a platform dedicated to international affairs, public policy, and national security. It's known for its in-depth analysis, commentary, and coverage of strategic issues.
InfoWars is a controversial right-wing site run by Alex Jones. It's known for its conspiracy theories and alternative news coverage.
Project Syndicate
Project Syndicate publishes and syndicates commentary and analysis on a variety of global topics by experts from around the world. It offers a range of perspectives on economic, political, and cultural issues.
CounterPunch is a bi-monthly magazine that offers commentary on politics, economics, and popular culture from a left-leaning perspective. They pride themselves on muckraking and investigative journalism.
Truthout is a nonprofit news organization that provides independent reporting on social justice issues. Their coverage includes politics, environment, health, and more with a focus on highlighting systemic injustices.
Talking Points Memo
Talking Points Memo is a progressive news and opinion website. It covers US politics, offering analysis, commentary, and breaking news.
The Federalist
The Federalist is a conservative online publication that offers analysis, opinion, and commentary on politics, culture, and religion. It aims to provide a platform for original voices and thought.
Jacobin is a left-leaning quarterly magazine that offers socialist perspectives on politics, economics, and culture. Their articles challenge mainstream narratives, promoting ideas of social justice and egalitarianism.
Roll Call
Roll Call provides news and analysis on the U.S. Congress, including the status of bills, votes, and more.
Media Matters
Media Matters for America is a progressive research center that monitors, analyzes, and corrects misinformation in U.S. media. They focus on ensuring accurate representation in news and promoting accountability.
The American Prospect
The American Prospect is a progressive magazine offering policy analysis, investigative journalism, and forward-looking solutions.
American Thinker
American Thinker is a conservative daily online magazine dealing with American politics, foreign policy, national security, Israel, economics, diplomacy, culture, and military strategy.
RedState is a conservative blog and community that offers news and commentary on US politics and current events. They feature various writers who provide insights from a right-leaning perspective.
mrcTV is a video-driven media platform that focuses on conservative news and commentary. It provides an alternative perspective on current events, culture, and political issues.
The American Conservative
The American Conservative offers commentary on politics, religion, culture, and society from a conservative perspective. It challenges the mainstream conservative orthodoxy and promotes a more traditional conservatism.
Governing provides state and local government leaders with analysis and insights on policy and management.
McClatchy DC
McClatchy DC is part of the McClatchy Company and offers in-depth news and analysis on politics, policy, and national topics. They provide comprehensive coverage of events in Washington D.C. and throughout the U.S.
PJ Media
PJ Media is an online news platform that covers politics, culture, and lifestyle. It's known for its conservative perspective on current events and social issues.
Daily Signal
The Daily Signal is a news outlet associated with The Heritage Foundation, covering politics, policy, and culture. Their content often reflects a conservative viewpoint, offering news and commentary.
Lawfare focuses on hard national security choices, providing analysis on related legal and policy issues.
City Journal
City Journal is a publication that offers a mix of urban affairs, public policy, and cultural commentary. It often provides a conservative perspective on issues.
Western Journal
Western Journal is a conservative news platform that provides political commentary and analysis. They offer a range of articles on current events, politics, and culture from a right-leaning perspective.
LewRockwell.com is a libertarian-oriented news and opinion blog. It offers alternative views on political, economic, and societal issues, often from an anarcho-capitalist perspective.
HotAir is a conservative American news and opinion blog. It offers analysis, commentary, and multimedia content on politics, culture, and current events.
UnHerd is a media platform that aims to provide commentary and analysis that breaks from the mainstream narrative. It covers a wide range of topics including politics, culture, science, and more.
Government Executive
Government Executive is a digital media company that provides news, analysis, and insights for federal government leaders and managers. It offers articles, reports, and events focused on the operations and management of the federal government.
In These Times
In These Times is a monthly magazine of news, analysis, and cultural commentary from a progressive perspective.
The Center Square
The Center Square is a news platform that provides state-focused reporting with a taxpayer sensibility perspective. They cover local and state politics, business, and economics.
Signs of the Times
Signs of the Times (SOTT) is an alternative news website that aggregates and comments on world events. It provides a different perspective on global occurrences, often focusing on esoteric and unconventional topics.
Yes! Magazine
Yes! Magazine covers stories of positive social change and solutions-oriented perspectives. It provides articles on sustainability, social justice, and community-based movements.
Stratfor provides geopolitical intelligence and analysis to help users anticipate and navigate global challenges.
Crooks & Liars
Crooks & Liars is a progressive news and opinion blog that covers political events, media critiques, and video clips. The platform often provides a satirical and critical view of conservative politics and media.
AntiWar provides news and opinions against war and militarism, promoting a non-interventionist foreign policy.
Newsbusters is a conservative media watchdog. It critiques and exposes perceived liberal bias in the mainstream media.
The New American
The New American covers news on politics, economics, culture, and more, often from a conservative perspective. It aims to provide an American view on global news, upholding the principles of the U.S. Constitution.
The American Spectator
The American Spectator is a conservative U.S. magazine that covers news and politics. It offers commentary from a right-wing perspective and has been publishing since the early 20th century.
Tax Policy Center
The Tax Policy Center provides comprehensive data, analysis, and research on tax policies. It focuses on both current and proposed tax policies at the federal, state, and local levels.
Nextgov is a digital platform focusing on technology news and analysis relevant to federal agencies. They cover topics like cybersecurity, IT networking, and technological innovations within the U.S. government.
Federal News Network
The Federal News Network provides the latest news and information tailored for the U.S. government community. They cover topics related to federal agencies, workforce, technology, and more.
Just Security
Just Security is an online platform that focuses on national security law and policy. They provide expert analysis on related topics and aim to promote principled and pragmatic solutions.
Front Page
Front Page Magazine is a political website that focuses on news and commentary related to conservative viewpoints. The site covers a range of issues including international politics, domestic policy, and cultural critiques.
The Postmillennial
The Post Millennial is a conservative news and commentary website. It provides insights on various topics including politics, culture, and current events.
The New Humanitarian
The New Humanitarian, formerly known as IRIN, reports from the front lines of crises and conflicts around the world. Their journalism focuses on the human dimension of conflicts, natural disasters, and other crises.
Consortium News
Consortium News is an independent news platform that focuses on in-depth investigative journalism. Founded by investigative reporter Robert Parry, it provides an alternative perspective on important global issues and events.
Truthdig is a news website that provides expert reporting and commentary on current events, challenging mainstream narratives.
Above Top Secret
Above Top Secret is a community-driven website discussing conspiracy theories, UFOs, and paranormal events.
Just the News
Just the News offers investigative reporting, analysis, and multimedia content. With a focus on integrity and fact-checking, it aims to deliver news without a hidden agenda.
Naked Capitalism
Naked Capitalism is an economics and finance blog that provides critical analysis and commentary on capital markets.
MintPress News
MintPress News is an independent news website that provides a mix of original reporting and analysis on national and international issues.
Reveal, from The Center for Investigative Reporting, is a platform for in-depth investigative journalism. The site offers long-form articles, radio episodes, and multimedia content uncovering hidden stories and holding institutions accountable.
Life News
Life News covers pro-life news and topics, focusing on issues like abortion, euthanasia, and bioethics. It provides a conservative perspective on these matters.
One America News Network (OAN) is a conservative cable news channel that covers national and international news. It is known for its right-leaning political stance and pro-Trump reporting.
The Progressive
The Progressive is a magazine and website dedicated to promoting peace, social justice, and progressive politics. Founded in 1909, it offers news, analysis, and commentary on key issues facing society.
Conservative Brief
Conservative Brief is an online news platform that offers conservative news and opinion pieces on current events, politics, and culture. It provides an alternative perspective on major news stories.
VT Foreign policy
VT Foreign Policy focuses on international relations and global events. It offers analysis and insights on a range of geopolitical topics.