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Subscribe to Art in America
Since its inception in 1913, Art in America has delivered comprehensive coverage of the global art scene, offering expansive viewpoints from scholars, critics, and artists.
Subscribe to Dance Magazine
Bridging fitness and art, Dance Magazine offers insights into dance routines, choreography, and the physical demands and benefits of dancing.
Subscribe to AntiqueWeek
AntiqueWeek is a publication for antique enthusiasts, providing news, auction updates, and features on collectible items. It's a resource for both collectors and dealers.
Subscribe to The Pastel Journal
The Pastel Journal is dedicated to the art of pastel painting, offering tutorials, artist profiles, and inspiration. It showcases the versatility and beauty of this medium.
Subscribe to Southwest Art
Highlighting the American West, this magazine spotlights regional artists, landscapes, and art inspired by southwestern culture.
Subscribe to The Magazine Antiques
A trusted voice in the field, The Magazine Antiques has offered in-depth features on historical art and antiques since its inception, making it a favorite for serious collectors.
Subscribe to Sunshine Artist
Sunshine Artist covers the world of art and craft shows, offering insights, reviews, and tips for artists seeking to display and sell their work at festivals.
Subscribe to Artist's
Artist's Network is a platform for artists to learn, share, and connect. It offers tutorials, inspiration, and resources for various artistic mediums and techniques.
Subscribe to Watercolor Artist
Tailored for watercolor enthusiasts, this magazine offers techniques, inspiration, and step-by-step guides to elevate the medium.

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